How Do You Get 5,100 Cyclists to Ride 190 Miles & Raise $31M?

Give them free food and drink, of course! There are few topics as serious or important as cancer research and treatment – except maybe research and treatment of pediatric cancer. But the Pan-Mass Challenge is much more than just a hugely important fundraiser. For many, it’s a vehicle to sacrifice in a comparatively small way and take part in something bigger than the individual. For these people, the ride is a way to jump in with both feet (or wheels) and try to make a difference for friends, family members or even themselves if they too are battling the disease.

Whatever your reasons for raising funds and putting in the miles, every rider will take away at least two things from this year’s edition of the Pan-Mass Challenge:

  1. unbelievable memories from the stories, signs and shared spirit among fellow cyclists, volunteers, and survivors, and
  2. fee food and beer

Yes, due to the annual and very generous donations of sponsors like Cape Cod Potato Chips, Harpoon Brewery, Stop & Shop, Whole Foods, and many others, riders will enjoy some of the following goods over the 3-days of PMC:

  • 19,000 bananas
  • 14,000 bags of trail mix
  • 9,800 hamburgers
  • 7,000 Cliff bars
  • 6,800 slices of pizza
  • 5,500 hotdogs
  • 3,000 bagels
  • 3,000 lbs of chicken
  • 1,600 loaves of bread
  • 1,400 lbs. of pasta
  • 1,300 lbs. of peanut butter
  • 500 lbs. of sliced turkey
  • 500 lbs. of sliced ham
  • 275 watermelons
  • 160 kegs of beer

Thanks and cheers to ALL the sponsors and volunteers, all 3,000+ of you!


About healthitjunkie

Over the past 18 years, I've had the pleasure of experiencing healthcare as a provider, administrator, technology vendor and enthusiast. Regardless of one's perspective or position, the challenge and promise of technology to impact healthcare has never been greater or more exciting. Although I'm passionate about healthcare technology, my "real" job is as a husband and father of two who also happens to enjoy cycling as much as possible.

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