Marketing the Benefits of The Cloud

By now you’d be hard-pressed to work in high-tech and not have read an article or two (or ten) on Cloud Computing.  But how much of The Cloud is just hype and how much are businesses moving to it?  I found this really interesting infographic on the benefits of Cloud Computing for small business (SMB).

Benefits of Cloud Computing
Via: NovelASPect

One of the most interesting things to me is that security of The Cloud is listed as both a benefit and a reason SMBs have not yet moved to The Cloud.  This is certainly true in healthcare where hospitals and physicians must be concerned with HIPAA compliance and protecting PHI.

One of the best analogies I’ve heard on this came courtesy of my wife (who knows much more on this topic than do I).  People feel that driving a car is safer than flying primarily because they are in control of the car – this despite the fact that statistics show otherwise – flying is in fact safer.  Similarly, if they are not directly responsible for their IT infrastructure, they perceive decreased security.  But Cloud vendors are focused on data protection and security – often more so than companies hosting and supporting their own applications and databases.

So how should vendors market Cloud Computing given the above benefits and concerns?  Vendors often fall into a comfortable pattern of touting the cost-saving benefits of The Cloud alone.  This would not only ignore the many other benefits, it would also presume cost is a customer/prospect’s primary need when if fact they may be more focused on agility, performance or some other benefit.  I like the pragmatic approach that Ken Ostreich espouses – one that is focused on matching customer needs with a vendor’s solutions.


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