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PMC Delivers $35M to the Jimmy Fund

Dear Family, Friends and Donors,

On Veteran’s Day, the PMC delivered a check for $35 million dollars to the Jimmy Fund, $2M more than in 2010!  As always, this year’s ride was very rewarding and filled with inspiring stories of those who have and/or continue to fight against cancer and fond remembrances of those whom we’ve lost.  A sincere thank you to everyone who donated again or for the first time.  Unfortunately I came up $155 short of the $4,200 minimum this year, but don’t worry as the PMC has my credit card.  I’ll be back next year hoping to catch up!  This year’s winner of the random $200 drawing is Joyce Kelly. Joyce, your check is in the mail!  A short recap of this year’s ride follows.  Please also enjoy some photo highlights from this year’s PMC weekend.

Logan & Taylor with me at the (wet) P'town finish

From PMC 2011

In 1999, upon winning his first Tour de France, Lance Armstrong pledged to ride in the PMC.  12-years and 7 TdF titles later he made good on that promise.  His presence certainly amped up the crowd at the opening ceremony as well as the start line early Saturday morning.  Lance took off from in front of the crowd as soon as the start gun was fired as he no doubt wanted to avoid the mass of 3,000+ amateurs hoping to suck his wheel for as long as they could stand it. Fortunately, I “caught up” to him at around mile 25 and was able to ride with Armstrong and Senators Kerry and Brown (with Kerry on my left as always).

Day 2 started at 4:30AM in steady rain.  By the time we all made it through a cup of coffee and to the start line, the rains had essentially cleared and we were left only to deal with puddles, wet pavement, and constant “tire spit” flying in our faces.  Due to our 21+ mph avg., we managed to finish, shower, eat, and get on the road home before the real rains came.

Taking my turn pulling the pack on a wet Day 2

From PMC 2011

This year’s ride was dedicated to the memory of Bill, Dave, Elizabeth, Gordon, Irina, Jennifer, Johnny, “Coach” Johnny, John, Mike, Noah, Nora, Tyler, and William and ridden on behalf of Betty, Carolyn, Don, Jeff, Judy, Julie, Kristin, Lori, Nancy, Paul, TJ and Tracy.  Sadly, five people were added to the list in the months surrounding this year’s ride. I look forward to the day when that list no longer grows.

Finally, I’ll leave you with a link to a short video entitled What a bike was meant to do. This video best encapsulates what the PMC is about.

Thank you for your continued generosity, and see you on the road!

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