A Very Late Thank You – PMC 2012 Recap

How appropriate that I’ve waited (procrastinated) long enough to be able to add all of YOU to my list of things for which I am thankful during the holiday season. Thanks to your continued generosity, we were able to contribute $4,630 toward the $37 Million that was delivered to the Jimmy Fund on behalf of the Pan-Mass Challenge on November 4, 2012 (100% of which went directly toward fighting cancer)! The winner of this year’s $200 drawing (randomly picked by the kids from among a slew of construction paper) is Debbie Edson. Your check is in the mail!

This year’s ride was much warmer and dryer than last year’s. About the only new wrinkle was my nickname in the peloton – hunchback – in reference to the bag of ice shoved between my jersey and separated shoulder from 3-weeks prior. Nothing a little Harpoon IPA at the finish couldn’t cure. Debbie and the kids weren’t able to join me at the finish this year as they were successfully representing our swim club in the league championships. I was sad to miss them but knew they would have more fun in the pool than in the car watching 5,000 riders fly by in spandex.

There were many lasting images from the weekend, but I’ll share one in particular from about one month prior to PMC weekend.

Original Jimmy Fund Donation Box – Fenway Park

Many of you may not know that the Red Sox formed a partnership with the Jimmy Fund back in 1953 – the longest standing, most extensive, and significant team-charity relationship in all of professional sports. The Sox and the Braves (who left Boston for Milwaukee the year the Jimmy Fund/Sox relationship formed) used to play an annual Jimmy Fund charity game in Fenway as a way of breaking Spring Training before the start of the regular season. I know this because my father told me upon our first of many trips to Fenway together. He knows this because he played in that game when he was a Braves rookie, in 1966. I’m willing to bet this donation box was hanging on a column just like this one on that day in 1966 – perhaps with a few less layers of green paint on it, but one like it nonetheless.

The Jimmy Fund endures because of the efforts of volunteers and donors like you. Thank you again for your support for this charity and this important cause.


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Over the past 18 years, I've had the pleasure of experiencing healthcare as a provider, administrator, technology vendor and enthusiast. Regardless of one's perspective or position, the challenge and promise of technology to impact healthcare has never been greater or more exciting. Although I'm passionate about healthcare technology, my "real" job is as a husband and father of two who also happens to enjoy cycling as much as possible.

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