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Happy Holidays From The Umbachs

Christmas Card 2012

‘Twas the night before our 15th Christmas and the family is spent,
Nary was a sound uttered, except from our cage of rodents,

The hamsters were nestled and snug in their bed of fluff,
A gift from Santa last year along with lots of other stuff,

The echo of their spinning wheel made its usual hum
But another sound I heard rustle was not the usual one,

Major, our thirteen-year-old “guard dog” didn’t even budge,
These days it takes a lot to stir him, more like a strong nudge,

Down the stairs in my boxers I flew to try and catch a sight,
As soon as I hit the bottom, I could see ‘twas the refrigerator light,

When what to my wondering eyes should appear,
But Santa, rummaging around for a cold beer,

“Help yourself Santa; don’t let me make you stop,”
The fat man had come to expect our annual man-time with hops,

“A lot of people on the naughty list after this election season,
As if my night’s To Do list wasn’t enough of a drinking reason,”

“Umbach, don’t just stand there, fill your glass with some suds,
Let’s get to it; I’m already nearing the bottom of this chilled mug!”

The annual family update weighed heavily on his mind,
As we gathered ‘round the iPad to look at our Facebook timeline,

Our son is now six and in first grade at a new school,
He can’t wait ‘til football, but for now soccer, gymnastics and wrestling will do,

Our daughter is nine and is showing Logan the ropes in fourth grade,
She’s added violin to gymnastics and her expanded soccer play,

Yoga and running continue to keep Debbie on her feet,
This year she even added the sports title of tiathlete,

Reach the Beach, B2B and PMC is where Heath spent his time,
A separated shoulder seemed his only week off from a ride,

This summer was our first to join the swim club in our ‘hood,
Both kids enjoyed success swimming for Team Greenwood,

Once again we managed our annual New England escape,
This year was in Brewster for a week on the Outer Cape,

Work remains exciting with responsibly old and new,
For Deb another year at VCE and Heath at PatientKeeper too,

I soon began to worry that Santa was beginning to tire,
Although it was clear that his tolerance had become much higher,

With backwash in his mug and a twitch of his fat head,
Both my stories and his workload he was starting to dread,

So he gathered up his sack and he headed for the door,
He enjoyed our time together but was tempted to drink one more,

Alas he was the wiser and decided to no longer pause,
He knew better than to risk the wrath of his real boss, Mrs. Claus,

As he leapt from my chair, our dog he could barely avoid,
Such hurry was he in that he nearly forgot his charging Android,

Then he shouted as his sled launched from above our roof tip,
“Be well, stay healthy and beware the Fiscal cliff!”

2012 was my 6th year of riding in the Pan-Mass Challenge.  Thanks to you, I’ve raised over $28,000 for cancer research and treatment!  My team once again raised around $190,000 and the entire field delivered a check for $37M, 100% of which was given to the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute in November!  I am humbled as always by your support.

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